Unleashing Online Success: My Unparalleled Journey with Wealthy Affiliate!

Step into the world of unlimited possibilities, where dreams become reality, and online success knows no bounds. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just another platform; it’s a thriving ecosystem meticulously crafted to empower aspiring and established internet entrepreneurs alike.

Since its inception in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been a trailblazer, forging a legacy of excellence unrivalled in the industry. With over 50,000 independent reviews declaring it the top company in its field, and a stellar 4.9 Star rating on Trust Pilot, it’s clear that something extraordinary awaits those who dare to venture inside.

Let’s look at a quick breakdown of my rating for Wealthy Affiliate, and then I will get right into filling you in with more details!


Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website URL: https://www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Starter FREE, Premium $49/mth ($497/year), Premium Plus+ $99/mth ($697/year)
Founders: Kyle & Carson
Community: 2.7+ MILLION members
Overall Rating: 4.9/5
Trust Pilot Consumer Rating: 4.9/5
Research Tools: 5/5
Customer Support: 5/5
Training & Classes: 5/5
WordPress Hosting: 5/5
Websites: 5/5

Free Trial: YES. Get Started HERE! (no credit card required)

But let’s dive deeper into what makes this platform a true gem. Picture this: a place where knowledge meets innovation, where the fusion of world-class training, cutting-edge research tools, and unwavering support gives birth to success stories beyond imagination.

This is Wealthy Affiliate—a sanctuary for dreamers and doers, a place where your passion becomes your most potent asset.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking new heights or a complete novice embarking on your first venture, Wealthy Affiliate brings everything you need together under one roof. Bid farewell to juggling various subscriptions and expenses; here, you gain access to an all-inclusive haven for growth. Learn, create, and scale your online empire, all without the financial burden of piecing together resources elsewhere.

Imagine honing your craft surrounded by a vibrant community of 2.7+ MILLION like-minded individuals, all on the same mission as you—to triumph in the world of online business. Guided by the visionary founders, Kyle and Carson, and armed with a powerful WordPress hosting platform, you’ll feel the thrill of turning your passion into profit.

Unlock the secret to building an online business in alignment with your deepest passions. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just about reaching financial milestones; it’s about embracing your true potential and creating a life that resonates with purpose. Your journey to success begins here, and the only limit is the one you set for yourself.

Ready to take the leap and discover the art of prosperity through online entrepreneurship?

Claim your FREE trial at Wealthy Affiliate—no credit card required—and embark on a transformative adventure that promises to redefine your future. Embrace the extraordinary and seize the opportunity to unleash the power of your passions, with Wealthy Affiliate by your side.

Here’s What You Get When You Try Wealthy Affiliate Today:


  • Level 1 Training (5 Lessons – Online Business Course)
  • One FREE Website
  • 7 Days Community Access (Over 2 Million Members)
  • 7 Days Coaching From Me Personally
  • Much More…

Want to See Some Of The Success Stories From Wealthy Affiliate?

From humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements, the journey of success is one that many dream of, but only a few dare to embark upon. In this remarkable chapter of our Wealthy Affiliate review, we delve into the inspiring stories of individuals who have turned their aspirations into reality through the power of affiliate marketing.

These are the triumphs of ordinary people who refused to be confined by conventional limitations and chose to pursue their dreams of financial independence, freedom, and prosperity. As we showcase these captivating success stories, you’ll witness the transformative potential of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how it has empowered countless individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success in the world of online entrepreneurship.

From Skepticism to Success: Jack Cao’s Inspiring Journey with Wealthy Affiliate

Meet Jack Cao, a determined individual from the bustling city of Singapore. Jack’s path to success was anything but conventional, and his journey with Wealthy Affiliate has been nothing short of transformative.

Back in 2013, Jack, like many others, was sceptical about the possibility of earning money online. He had already tried numerous opportunities, investing thousands of dollars without seeing any returns. Discouraged and on the verge of giving up, Jack stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, and that moment changed his life forever.

Wealthy Affiliate became Jack’s stepping stone into the world of online marketing. From a common pal with doubts, he evolved into a full-fledged online marketer, equipped with valuable knowledge in SEO, paid traffic, sales funnels, and copywriting.

The platform not only empowered Jack with the tools to navigate the online business landscape but also fueled his passion for WordPress and SEO. His expertise caught the attention of Rank Math SEO, one of the most popular SEO plugins, standing alongside giants like Yoast.

Today, Jack Cao proudly represents Rank Math SEO on their YouTube channel. As the face of their videos, he shares his extensive knowledge, and viewers eagerly subscribe to learn new SEO tricks from this self-made expert.

Jack’s journey wasn’t without challenges; he admits that he considered quitting several times and even left Wealthy Affiliate once. However, his unwavering determination and belief in the platform’s potential eventually led him to unparalleled success.

His story serves as an inspiration to the entire Wealthy Affiliate community. It is a reminder that no matter where you start or how many obstacles you face, perseverance and dedication can lead to extraordinary achievements. Jack’s bright future and unexpected role as a representative of a prestigious SEO brand are a testament to the endless possibilities that unfold when you embrace the wealth of knowledge and support available at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, to all the aspiring entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate, remember Jack Cao’s story and let it fuel your own determination. Your journey may take unexpected turns, but with perseverance and the right platform, you too can uncover the path to success and achieve your wildest dreams. Together, let’s embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead and make our mark in the world of online business.

Jerry Huang: From College Dropout to Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate

Meet Jerry Huang, a determined and ambitious 21-year-old hailing from Taichung, Taiwan. Jerry’s story is one of courage, resilience, and a refusal to accept the status quo. Despite being a high school graduate and having secured a place at the prestigious National University of Singapore, Jerry chose to forego formal education in pursuit of something greater: Financial Education and Personal Development.

Embracing the belief that self-education holds the key to success, Jerry embarked on a journey to discover new possibilities outside the traditional education system. It was during this exploration that he stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that would forever change the trajectory of his life.

Jerry’s online business venture began when he saw a YouTube video showcasing a life of freedom and passive income. Intrigued by the concept of making money online, he initially joined a program called the “Six Figure Mentors.” However, he soon realized that the program was laden with upsells and lacked the quality he sought.

Fortunately, the turning point in Jerry’s journey arrived when he discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Signing up for their free Starter Account, he quickly dived into the step-by-step training that laid a strong foundation in online marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, and WordPress website building. Recognizing the immense value of Wealthy Affiliate’s training and support, Jerry upgraded to the Premium membership, knowing that he had found his lifelong platform.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s guidance, Jerry honed his skills in affiliate marketing, SEO, and website building, which enabled him to create a consistent four-figure monthly passive income. He even achieved five-figure months, living the laptop lifestyle he had dreamed of, free from the constraints of traditional employment.

For Jerry, the journey is about more than financial success; it’s deeply intertwined with his personal life. With the goal of marrying his girlfriend by 2020, Jerry draws inspiration from their long-distance relationship, making Time and Financial Freedom his utmost priority.

As a testament to his dedication, Jerry aspires to attend the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference with a remarkable 3,000 sales, a feat that signifies his unwavering commitment to excellence.

To those reading Jerry’s story, he offers an invitation to join Wealthy Affiliate and embark on a life-changing journey. Through his own experiences, Jerry can attest to the immense value of upgrading to the Premium membership, an investment that propelled him to unprecedented success.

Jerry’s message to the Wealthy Affiliate community is one of encouragement and camaraderie. He believes that together, with determination and resilience, obstacles can be overcome, and dreams can be realized. For Jerry, the sky is the limit in the internet marketing industry, and he’s eager to witness the successes of others as they embrace the journey of affiliate marketing.

In closing, Jerry’s journey serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to challenge conventional norms, embrace self-education, and strive for greatness. With #MillionaireBy25 as his rallying cry, Jerry Huang exemplifies the spirit of a true Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate.

Cheers to Jerry and all those who dare to pursue their dreams!

About the Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle & Carson.  Before coming up with the idea for the Wealthy Affiliate platform, they were both very successful affiliate marketers in their own right.  When you interact with either of them on the WA platform, you can just feel the passion they have for this amazing business model and how they love helping their members.


They met in college in a computer science program, and each spent 3 years building successful affiliate marketing businesses before they decided to start Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005. They wanted to help others learn what they had done with their own businesses.

It’s the only program I have been involved in where you can message them directly and get a response.  They are regularly in the live chat answering questions or offering advice.  Kyle regularly does a live video training series where you can interact and learn from his experience.

Most other programs let you send an email and it’s a team member replying.  Not the owners!  They genuinely care and will be there straight to support you, if you were to join…

Core Training. Building a Successful Business Properly From the Ground Up

Honestly, you can find training in most places you look on the internet…  Training to help you start an online business or get started with affiliate marketing.  But what I feel makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from those others is the constant stream of support you get with it.

Watching a video can give you almost all the information you need.  But if you then have a ton of questions you want to be answered first…  What do you do?

Having the ability to ask questions and get an (almost) instant response in all levels of training within Wealthy Affiliate is something I feel helps them stand out.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive database of training in the world, with thousands of resources and hundreds of hours of classes.

All with the ability for you to get more detail if you require help.

I will get to that later, but I first want to emphasize the “core” and foundation-building training that you will be enrolled in as soon as you walk into the back office of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is the key to getting rolling online, whether you are just starting out or if you have some experience, this training is 50 lessons (5 Courses) and will literally take you from the infancy of choosing the direction of your business to build out and scaling that business for long term success.

There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to go about building a business. Unfortunately, a great deal of the training that is available out there is misleading, or outdated information and will send you in the wrong direction.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate walks you through the key and critical steps that you need to understand when building out a successful business.

Here are just some things that you are going to learn within the first 10 lessons.

  • How to Choose a Lucrative Direction for Your Business
  • Building a Profit-Ready Website
  • A Full Breakdown of the Make Money Online Process
  • Getting Your Website Ready for Ranking in Google
  • How to Structure Your Website for Future Success
  • Setting up Your Content Framework
  • Achieving Ideal Design With Your Website Layout
  • Creating Custom Menus & Sub-Menus On Your Website
  • Finding Low Competition, High Ranking Keyword Opportunities
  • Gearing Up for a Long Term and Successful Journey Online

And that is just within just the first 5 lessons. You are going to be off and running with a successful business before you know it.


There is a proper process that you need to follow if you are looking to create a long-term and sustainable business (or multiple businesses), and if you can master this process you are going to have a brilliant journey ahead of you. Wealthy Affiliate’s focus is helping you master these and you have expert support and access to help as you move through every lesson in the training.

Here’s What You Get When You Try Wealthy Affiliate Today:


  • Level 1 Training (5 Lessons – Online Business Course)
  • One FREE Website
  • 7 Days Community Access (Over 2 Million Members)
  • 7 Days Coaching From Me Personally
  • Much More…

Expert Classes. To Become an Expert, Learn From Experts

The training at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t stop at just the core training.  They also offer expert classes.  These are active members from within Wealthy Affiliate who have a specialist subject and offer their knowledge to other members.

if you want to become an expert, you need to get firsthand knowledge from those experts about their experiences and their knowledge of YOUR road ahead. That is the beauty of the expert Classes platform at Wealthy Affiliate

These are real-time classes that take place throughout the week, every week. In fact, there are a minimum of 350+ classes per year. They are PURE value and are taught by some most successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the online business world.

Here is a look at the current class menu, as you can see there is a class today!

These are REAL people, creating REAL success. People that are in the trenches, teaching you what they know works, and helping you avoid roadblocks that will end up in inevitable failure. People that are going to be able to help you accomplish the same.

After you establish your fundamental and core foundation through the Certification Training or through the Affiliate Bootcamp, you are going to want to expand your skill set and your knowledge base. This can be done in an ongoing, interactive way through the Classes platform.


These classes aren’t just video training where you watch it and then move on.  They each have a FULL Question & Answer section.  You get the ask questions throughout the live stream as it is taking place.  This is powerful as if you are researching a topic that you don’t understand or want the actual expert to expand on a particular point, you can ask them to.

Here is a sample class “The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online“, one that you will have access to immediately when you join.

BENEFITS of Classes:

  • Learning directly from the experts
  • Speed up success by years, learning from those that are successful
  • Avoid critical failures in business
  • Expand upon your skill set and success, weekly
  • Current training, not like 99% of the training online that is outdated

Unleashing the Potential: Empowering Your Online Business with AI

In this section, we delve into the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and explore how it can revolutionize your online business. Discover the comprehensive AI curriculum offered within the Classes menu, including existing classes and upcoming AI-based series. Gain insights into the fusion of algorithms, data science, machine learning, and natural language processing, all tailored to equip you with cutting-edge skills for success in the digital landscape.

Uncover the transformative capabilities of AI and how it can make your business more productive and efficient. Imagine a future where mundane tasks are effortlessly handled by AI, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creative potential. From ChatGPT 3.5 to ChatGPT 4, witness the leaps in machine learning reasoning and AI’s ability to connect the dots faster and more efficiently.

Embrace the opportunity to lead in the world of AI, as we provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with confidence and mastery. Explore real-world examples of successful AI implementation, discover recommended AI tools and resources, and stay updated with the latest news and trends in AI. Get ready to embark on a transformative learning journey during this SUMMER OF AI at Wealthy Affiliate!

Subscribe to Kyle’s upcoming class, “Supercharging Your Affiliate Campaigns: Harnessing AI and Data-Driven Strategies,” part of the series “Mastering the Basics of Affiliate Marketing.” Learn practical strategies to leverage AI and data-driven approaches, and easily implement them into your business for outstanding results. Don’t miss out on the immense potential AI holds for your online business success!

A Single Keyword Can Be Worth $1,000’s.

Understanding your audience, and being able to discover significant pockets of opportunity online can separate a very successful marketer from one that doesn’t achieve any success. There is a real opportunity for you to rank under a SINGLE keyword that could lead to $1,000’s in income.  That means one article could mean $1,000 in residual and ongoing income.

That is the reality if you understand how to properly research keywords and your understanding, and you have access to the elite tools to accomplish this.

Wealthy Affiliate provides an incredible suite of research tools and platforms that you can utilize within ALL types of online businesses, whether you are looking for “ideas” for a business, or you are looking to find low-competition keywords that will bring a lot of value to your business.

You can quickly type in searches like this…


And come up with high-value and low-competition keywords. If you look at the QSR column, that is a metric that ONLY Wealthy Affiliate provides through technology built. This is your TRUE competition, and having access to this data will help you rank with efficiency in Google, Bing and Yahoo. This leads to free, high-value traffic (and subsequent opportunity).

Researching your niche and having access to elite, and progressive research platforms are going to be imperative to the success of your business. Let’s have a quick look at this platform and its true value that will offer your business.

BENEFITS of the Research Platform to Your Success:

  • Save’s lots of time, it’s super efficient
  • This leads to the revelation of big pockets of opportunity
  • Can spy on your competition, gives you a competitive edge
  • Track your website to see exactly where you are ranked, and start to form ideas on patterns and trends in terms of Google rankings
  • Uncover MILLIONS of keyword (traffic) opportunities.
  • Find HIGH-value domain assets (up to 75 new domains in a 3-second search)
  • Reveal new niches

Upon joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will have immediate access to this platform. If you understand how to research your audience and keywords, you are going to master things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing with efficiency.

Market Research. Become an Expert or Authority in Your Industry.

Success online is not as complex as some make it out to be. YOU as the online entrepreneur choose a direction for your business. This could be ANY niche. If you like cats, perhaps you make your niche about that. If you like model aeroplanes… make-up…or make money…or whatever the heck you want.

Then you work to become an EXPERT in that niche. But to do this, you need to understand how that is accomplished and have access to the training and tools that will help you get there.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to have access to the Jaaxy platform which will help you, plus expert classes that walk you through the process of building authority in your niche.

Here is an example of one such class, where Kyle (one of the owners) spends over an hour breaking down one of the most lucrative niches online, the “make money” niche and the opportunities within it.


There are over 30 classes of this nature, not to mention more generalized “niche research” help.

When you establish authority in your given niche, search engines like Google will start to rank ALL of your content well. This will lead to traffic and revenue capabilities, so truly understanding this process is going to be quintessential to the success of your business.

Benefits of Mastering Market Research:

  • More expertise equates to better rankings
  • A bigger natural following, more reach
  • Become an influential brand in ANY industry
  • Shareability of your content, maximum word-of-mouth reach.
  • More traffic, more revenue

Being able to have the proper “tools” at your disposal can save a great deal of time in business, and you are going to be well-equipped with every facet of research.

Keywords, you are going to be able to find low-competition opportunities in seconds. Website rankings and analysis? You are going to be able to uncover search engine trends with your website, and track these automatically! Spying on your competition? Wealthy Affiliate has you covered.

And that leads me to the “research” of lucrative affiliate programs, something that I want to take a moment to discuss.

You Can Promote Over 550 MILLION Products. For Free.


The Internet is a vast place, and so is the affiliate marketing world. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote over 550 MILLION products. Basically every product, brand, and company in the world has an affiliate program. From Amazon to Walmart, to Nike, to eBay to Etsy. Billions of dollars are being spent online every month, and behind a large percentage of all of these transactions are affiliates generating revenue.

In fact, in 2023 affiliate marketing is slated to generate affiliates $12,000,0000,0000 (yes, $12 BILLION) in income, with this growing year-over-year for the foreseeable future.

Wealthy Affiliate is of course going to help you capitalise on this from an affiliate marketing education standpoint, but what about finding these companies and opportunities? Yes. You are covered with the “Affiliate Program Search”.

As soon as you enter into Wealthy Affiliate, you will be granted access to this platform and access the power of this search.

Benefits of this Affiliate Program Search at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Easy to search and find relevant affiliate programs in your industry
  • Access to over 10,000 of the highest-paying and reputable affiliate programs online
  • Can reach out directly to affiliate managers and company owners
  • Manage the affiliate programs you are part of in one central location
  • Exclusive relationships with large networks to simplify the acceptance

This tool alone will give you a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry (IE, affiliates that are not hanging out within Wealthy Affiliate).

Wealthy Affiliate is a “Powerhouse” Community.

Wealthy Affiliate boasts the largest community of internet entrepreneurs in the world. That doesn’t automatically mean that it’s better.  But the real value within the community at Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it’s the most interactive and helpful community you will find anywhere on the planet.

If you are helpful or looking for help, then you are going to get the support you need to advance your skills, business and success. You are also going to have the opportunity to pay it forward as your skill set improves and you can give back to the community. That is how WA operates, and it starts at the top with the owners (Kyle and Carson), who to this day 16 years later, still are active within the community each and every day helping people build businesses.

No question is a dumb question, and no matter the level you are as an online marketer, there will always be a way to advance your knowledge and skills within the community at WA (and always someone with more experience to help you with that).

Benefits to the WA Community:

  • ZERO questions go unanswered.
  • The average is less than 5 minutes to get your questions answered.
  • Ability to network within the largest entrepreneur community in the world (almost 3 MILLION strong)
  • Your Network is your Net Worth
  • Direct access to your own personal mentorship, and coaches
  • Direct Access to ME (John)
  • Direct Access to the Owners (Kyle & Carson)

So not only are you going to be able to have confidence that you will get help when you need it, you are going to be able to establish meaningful long-term business relationships with like-minded and very successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

The World’s Fastest Hosting, Leads to the World’s Best Ranking Sites.

Google ranks websites based on the content, but also many other factors like speed, security, and your core vitals. The website and hosting platform at Wealthy Affiliate was built for speed, and the technology is leading the WordPress world. Out of the box, every website on Wealthy Affiliate is 100/100 in terms of PageSpeed Insights, Google’s rating system for website speed.

As an example, the website you are currently on (AffiliateMarketingExplorers.com) gets a PageSpeed Score of 99/100 and it has a bunch of content on it which conventionally slows down a website.


This means my website is viewed as “lightning” fast in Google’s eyes, which has become one of the key ranking factors for websites these days. You will be running websites on a faster hosting platform than your competitors, which means you will rank better, get more traffic, and have more opportunities than your competitors.

Then there is the other key ingredient for hosting.  Ensuring it is mobile-friendly!  More and more people are searching online from their phones.  Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly is just as important as ensuring it is fast-loading.

Wealthy Affiliate has your back with each website being responsive as standard, ready for the mobile world.

Hosting is offered at 3 levels within the platform. With a Starter membership, you can host one website for free within your account. Premium, you can host up to 10 websites. And within the highest level membership, you can host up to 50 websites…enough to run 50 million-dollar enterprises within the online world!

A successful online business starts with a firm and solid foundation, and you are in good hands with the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s What You Get When You Try Wealthy Affiliate Today:


  • Level 1 Training (5 Lessons – Online Business Course)
  • One FREE Website
  • 7 Days Community Access (Over 2 Million Members)
  • 7 Days Coaching From Me Personally
  • Much More…

Success. Wealthy Affiliate Members Have a Competitive Edge

They say you are the “average of the 5 people you surround yourself with”, but what if you could surround yourself with thousands of the world’s most successful affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs? Well, that is one of the many competitive advantages that you are going to have at Wealthy Affiliate, and this will contribute to your growth and the level of success you can achieve online.

Ultimately at the end of the day, your goal is achieving success within the online world. What does success look like to you? What would you define as success? Is it $100 per month, or $100,000 per month? The reality is BOTH of these are entirely possible, and it will come down to what sort of effort you are willing to put forth, and the persistence that you have in business.

Some of the most prolific marketers online are currently running their business, or multiple businesses, leveraging the framework within Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s have a look at a few of the 1,000s of published success stories, with many more happening behind the scenes. Here are just a few of them that have been posted in recent months.

And here’s another…

And here’s another…

These are actual blog posts within Wealthy Affiliate, that are published by real members on daily basis within the community.

But just a quick reminder. You could have access to EVERYTHING you need to succeed (like what Wealthy Affiliate offers), but if you are not willing to put forth the effort and do the work yourself, you are going to meet your potential quickly. If you are willing to work hard and keep working hard, you will have unlimited potential within the online world. There is “no upper cap” to your potential.

So if you want to succeed, it is up to you. You have the facilities that will help you create any level of success online.

Now, I want to spend a few moments walking you through the different membership levels at Wealthy Affiliate.

Pricing – The Levels of Membership at Wealthy Affiliate


One of the most common questions is naturally going to be around the prie of Wealthy Affiliate.  Followed closely by… Is it one of those “Upsell after Upsell” kinds of programs?  The answer is NO!  In fact, there is a completely free starter membership that allows you to “try the program before you buy”, so there is no risk whatsoever of joining WA.

Then the 3 levels of membership are laid out bare for you to see and compare with no hidden fees at all…

Let me take a moment to help you understand the 3 Levels of Membership.

Starter Membership: $0 Free Account

First, and foremost I ALWAYS recommend that people refuse to pay for a program in this industry before they can try it. If a company doesn’t offer a trial or offer you a look at their program, they likely don’t trust their program enough to offer you a look. One thing that makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is that you can create a free Starter membership (at no cost) and start building your business before ever having to invest a dime.

===> Create Your Free Starter Membership Here!

Premium Membership: $49/mth (or $497 yearly discount)

The Premium membership is the flagship membership of online entrepreneurs. The reason is, you get access to everything you need to create, grow, manage, and expand your online business (or several businesses). This includes everything from a state-of-the-art website and hosting platform, research and writing tools, over 120 core training modules, weekly classes, 100’s of daily community blog posts, networking capabilities with fellow entrepreneurs, and personal mentoring and expert help 24/7.

**TIP: Also, I wanted to mention something. If you join as a free Starter member, you are going to be able to get ONE free .com domain when you upgrade. This has a value of $15 USD!

===> Get Rolling for FREE Here, Then Decide on the Premium Upgrade!

Premium Plus+ Membership: $99/mth (or $697 yearly discount)

This is our Premium PLUS membership, meaning that you get everything within Premium Plus some additional perks. These include access to a higher level of hosting, and the ability to host up to 50 websites. Comparable Managed WordPress hosting packages alone cost $250+ per month. WA leads the industry in terms of hosting speed and quality, so this is of huge value. Tack on our highest level Jaaxy Enterprise (value $99/mth), and 350+ additional expert classes per year, this is the ultimate in value and the ultimate Elite membership online for aspiring and ultra-successful entrepreneurs. This membership will literally give you status within the online world.

If you want Premium, but to put it into Entrepreneur Overdrive this is the membership for you and you will always have the option to go Premium Plus+ within Wealthy Affiliate.

**TIP: If you join as a free Starter member first, you are going to be able to get TWO free .com domains when you upgrade.  This has a value of $30 USD!

===> Get Rolling for FREE Here, Then Decide on the Premium Plus+ Upgrade

Those are the 3 levels of membership within Wealthy Affiliate. I actually don’t recommend that you spend a penny at this point, even if you are considering one of the higher tiers. I want you to “test drive” Wealthy Affiliate using the completely free Starter membership.

This gives you the opportunity to explore Wealthy Affiliate and ensure it is the right platform for you.

You can get started with the training, and get your own niche business set up by the 4th lesson.  You will get direct access to ME personally (I will reach out to you when you join).  But you will also get one of the owners reaching out to you when you join too…  They will be there to introduce themselves and help you out too.

Wealthy Affiliate got started in 2005 and they have never lost sight of the key focus – which is HELPING people.

So get rolling with a completely free test drive Starter membership, and get rolling with your online business. No credit card is required.

My Final Thoughts.

I’ve found a lot of success through following the training at Wealthy Affiliate and using all of their awesome features.  When comparing this platform to others online there is no comparison.  To find something similar you would be required to spend a lot more than the membership fees at WA.

But aside from the tools and the training, it’s the community that does it for me.  Being able to get almost instant responses to questions when you are first starting out is so helpful.  If you aren’t sure what was meant in a video and you want clarification, asking for the community to answer is great as it means you can move a step forward for your business.

But I love the fact there is no judgement for not having the knowledge.  We all remember we started with no real knowledge about the online world.  So when a question comes along that “sounds simple”, you will not get any judgement in the response.  You will get a helping hand that guides you and ensures you fully understand.

When you don’t know a subject, anything can sound complicated.  We all learn a little differently.  So, having the ability to ask a question is vital…

The affiliate marketing world doesn’t stand still, so neither does Wealthy Affiliate.  The constant evolution of their platform, training, tools, and knowledge sharing is fantastic.  And I’m proud to be a part of this platform!  Considering their prices are actually quite reasonable.  Think about how much you might spend on a coffee each day…  WA works out to less than a cup of coffee a day.

But at the other end, you will have built an online business that will earn you thousands of dollars a month.   If you are willing to put the time and effort into achieving it…

Here’s What You Get When You Try Wealthy Affiliate Today:


  • Level 1 Training (5 Lessons – Online Business Course)
  • One FREE Website
  • 7 Days Community Access (Over 2 Million Members)
  • 7 Days Coaching From Me Personally
  • Much More…

At this point, you are likely ready to make a decision. Again, one thing I don’t want you doing is spending any money…rather if you are interested in checking out Wealthy Affiliate and seeing if it is the platform for you, I want you to sign up for the completely free Starter membership ‘test drive’. It doesn’t cost a thing, no credit card is required and literally will get you instant access to communicate directly with me, Kyle & Carson, and millions of other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

Not to mention, by lesson 4 of the “core” training, you will be up and running with your own website and foundation for your online business.

===> Get started with your free Test Drive TODAY!

I know you will love it, but I want you to find out for yourself.

PS. Also, if you have any questions at all, I will be more than happy to help you out and get back to you. Drop me a comment below and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours, if not much sooner. Or alternatively, you can join Wealthy Affiliate and connect with me directly inside the community, through my profile. The link to my profile is here.

12 thoughts on “Unleashing Online Success: My Unparalleled Journey with Wealthy Affiliate!”

  1. You have an amazing review here. I know about Wealthy Affiliate because I am also a member, and I run an online business of my own. I am using what I learned from the training at WA.

    It is one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing and start your on business, the right way. They have the best support team I have ever experienced anywhere on the internet. They get back to you in minutes, not days like other sites. The community is over a million and a half people, many who are millionaires from the training they received.

    They are affordable, and have extensive training, supply hosting, websites, and the owners are available and can be reached in person by everyone. Everything you need is in one place. I have bee there since 2015 and I am not going anywhere.

    • Hey Chas,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. They are fully committed to helping people, like you and me, to get the most out of the internet. There are so many programs out there, but without the right strategy, it can be impossible to get your business moving in the right direction.

      The training, tools, and support are second to none and I’m so glad I found them.

  2. Great review! It’s always helpful to hear personal experiences from someone who has actually used the product or service. Your review is well-structured and provides a lot of valuable information about Wealthy Affiliate. I particularly appreciate the section on the community aspect, as having a supportive group of like-minded individuals can make a big difference in success. Your personal success story is also inspiring and shows the potential of Wealthy Affiliate. Overall, this is a very informative and thorough review that would be helpful for anyone considering Wealthy Affiliate as a platform for affiliate marketing.

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out my WA review!  The community is one of the key aspects that make this platform stand out…  There are other communities, but they aren’t as like-minded as at WA.  There is tons of potential for anyone willing to put their mind to their own success and have an amazing community behind them…

      All the best,


  3. I love your review of Wealthy Affiliate and I can honestly say your journey is much like mine! I too have lost money and was nervous to get my feet wet again. I also am a member for almost a year now and I can say with the utmost confidence that your review here is spot on. 

    I have never had to wait too long if I have an issue with the platform or just me doing something incorrectly. Site Support here is incredibly helpful and very user friendly even if you’re not an expert yourself! I have run into a few issues on the OEC training being a little outdated “since 2019” but still can be navigated with some community help. Which I feel is just the vast majority of technology is speeding along faster than most can keep up with. 

    I have also noticed that WA is one of the only platforms that is honest with you and not giving you a false sense that you will be making 6 figures right away. Although there are stories of people being able to achieve this but should not be expected! 

    Thanks for capturing the true sense of the community and I plan on sticking around just for the reasons you have laid out to the audience. I have personally experienced the same vibes here and I do believe the rates recently changed and now you earn credits towards a (.com) when you go to Premium or Premium +. I had to pay when I joined a year ago. Thanks for your well laid out website and the knowledge you present.

    Kevin and Son

    • Hey Kevin and Son,

      thanks for checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this amazing platform.  The benefits of the membership keep on getting better over time.  They never seem to stay the same.  The moment you think they cannot add any more value, they then turn around and give you much more…

      The online world is ever-changing, which does make it hard to keep it totally up-to-date.  But the community and expert classes cover so many different topics, that it’s totally forgivable…



  4. This is great and highly explosive content on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You got my attention when you described the platform as an all-inclusive learning platform and its community as a powerhouse community. They have this community of affiliate marketers that is always ready to help. And their training turned around my affiliate business from a sinking business to a money-spinning wheel.

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out my WA review.  The fact that the community is ready to help anyone is one of the key things that make it an ideal place for a beginner.  Getting the help and support at the right time is paramount to people making this work…


  5. I have been a part of this community for some time and have seen firsthand what the training can do for you. Even if you don’t know anything about this business Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all that you need to know to have success in this line of work. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to have online success. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Norman,

      thanks for checking out my WA review and offering your insights…  Wealthy Affiliate offers comprehensive training, support, and everything else that is required to be successful online!!


  6. Thanks for a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate. I have been wanting to learn how to do affiliate marketing because I heard that it’s a great way to make money online. But with all the programs and platforms online that are promising success even for beginners like me, I am not sure which one is suitable for me.

    Reading your review, I see that there are a lot of success stories of affiliate marketers. What I can’t tell for sure is if they have been doing this for the longest time which means they already know what they’re doing even before joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    The affiliate program is also an attractive feature of the Wealthy Affiliate which is not offered by other platforms. But I wonder if all of them are available in all countries and not just for those who live in the US, Canada, or the UK.

    Anyway, what I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is that I get a chance to try it out to see if it’s worth my hard-earned money. My question is, can one make money with just the starter account? 

    • Hey Alice,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed with the number of programs and platforms online that promise success in affiliate marketing, especially as a beginner.

      Regarding the success stories of affiliate marketers, it’s true that some of them may have been doing this for a while before joining Wealthy Affiliate. However, many of the success stories on the platform are from beginners who have learned the ropes of affiliate marketing through the training and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

      Regarding the availability of the affiliate program, it’s important to note that some affiliate programs may only be available in certain countries. However, Wealthy Affiliate does offer a wide range of affiliate programs that are available to members worldwide.

      As for whether you can make money with just the starter account, it’s definitely possible to make money with the starter account. However, the full potential of Wealthy Affiliate’s training and tools can be unlocked with the Premium account, which offers more advanced training, access to more tools, and higher commissions for affiliate sales.

      Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to Premium depends on your goals and budget. I encourage you to take advantage of the free trial offered by Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s the right fit for you.



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